With the desire to provide human resources in the field of low-code programming – a development trend of the IT industry, in 2022, NTT e-MOI (formerly known as OCG) has implemented 04 internship training courses on OutSystems low-code programming platform.

With a duration of 50 hours of training and practice to proficiently use OutSystems to build web and mobile application development, equivalent to the Associate Traditional Web Developer certificate provided by OutSystems.

The training content is designed methodically and concisely, helping interns maximize training results in the least amount of time, but still ensuring the on the job training principles, in order for interns to learn and practice directly through real projects.


The internship course includes teamwork skills for developers, how to use Agile methods and Scrum model when managing software projects, basic programming skills using Java/ JavaScript/HTML/CSS, database management with MySQL, low-code programming with OutSystems, QA/QC, and software testing.

With the above content, interns after completing the course will be fully equipped with knowledge and skills to easily adapt to the working environment as a professional developer.

After completing the training program, interns with excellent achievements have officially joined NTT e-MOI, participating directly in OutSystems projects that NTT e-MOI is implementing with large customers. comes from Japan and has accumulated a lot of valuable experience during his work.

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