Global human resource training new technology
Is an indispensable part in the context of increasingly internationalized labor market and requires personnel with the ability to flexibly adapt to a multinational working environment. With a vision and goal towards sustainable development for the business, we have built a comprehensive training program, combining IT expertise and professional working style. 
Training content
Technical skill &
Software development training
Conceptual skill &

Human skill
Upstream process


As a product owner, learn the process of reflecting customer requirements into the system.
Downstream process


Based on the user stories already provided, learn about implementing functionalities※.
※ Using OutSystems, which is an LCP (Low-code platform).
Upstream process-

Downstream process

Learn both of the above.


Changing mindset
Cultivate the awareness to lead organizational transformation with a broad perspective by being exposed to diverse ideas and perspectives in a multicultural environment.

Improving communication skill

Acquire the ability to communicate in languages other than the first language.

Enhance problem-solving skill

Develop the ability to face the challenges of self-organization and work with team members to solve them.

Other services

Software Development

We utilize OutSystems, a market-leading low-code software development platform to develop software products. Our software products are characterized by speedy deployment, guaranteed quality, safety security, competitive cost and optimized resource.

In addition, depend on the needs of customer, we also develop mobile/web applications by other leading technology platforms such as Microsoft PowerApps.

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ITO & BPO Service

We provide the service to support operation of information technology systems for end users.

We have been granted an information security management certificate (ISMS), therefore for operating environment requirements that must meet high information security as applied by NTT East Group, we completely respond to provide ITO and BPO services to customers with the highest level of security.

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Global Training

Having a team members who experienced and qualified international certificates, we provide technical training courses to customers outside Vietnam.

Learners will not only be learned about technology, but also gain working experiences in a global environment, which will help them enhance communication skill.

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VAS Service

We will bring the solution applications that have been successful abroad to apply to Vietnamese customers in a flexible way to bring value added to customers, as well as solve difficult problems customers are facing.

With the desire to contribute more and bring many useful solutions to society and the community, we will try our best in  Vietnam.

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